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Schuster’s blog: Food/health in the news

Posted by: on Monday July 31, 2023

Food marketing strategies have changed, moved to different places and gotten more precise to reach consumers (this article doesn’t even begin to include gaming and other examples). Some examples: limited time offers (LTOs) and product mashups, both meant to catch our attention. Product placement, too, has evolved as you’ll see below. Food marketing to children is elevated w/2 recent reports. And not so new, but new for Walmart, expanded in-store advertising (; and more examples of ‘retail media’ ( Dunkin’ and localized marketing
( Starbucks primarily displays grande size drinks ( Seven to 11 rolls out private label items, which are popular w/shoppers (

Children and marketing
Overview of WHO’s new food policies for food marketing to children (; full report, 88 pp (; UNICEF’s manual to protect children from harmful food marketing: a children rights-based approach, 76 pp (
The FTC asks for companies to cease and desist packaging THC products that look like gummies and candies ( Chile dramatically reduces food marketing to children.

LTOs (limited time offers) and product mashups
Companies look to LTOs (limited time offers) to keep customers interested
( and product mash-ups to
catch their attention ( With Oreos, all the new flavors lead customers back to the original ( Some products want to get people talking and focus on the ‘experience’ especially with Gen Zers (

Product mashup examples
Girl Scouts cookie-flavored supplements

(; Twix Shakers, Cinnamon Toast
Cinnadust and now Girl Scout Thin Mints in powder form (; plant-based chicken…breaded with Pringles
(; Mountain Dew Baja Blast is now a hot
sauce (; Kraft Heinz fruit-flavored gummies in the shape of mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs and pickles (; chips made for sandwiches
( Cereals:
lemon Cheerios (; Cinnamon Toast Bugles
(; KitKat
cereal to mimic taste and texture with chocolate coating (; Rainbow Rice Krispies (; Icee cereal – it cools your mouth like you are eating a slushie (; color-changing marshmallows in cereal (; cereal-flavored protein powder

Product placement
Anatomy of a product placement including how technology will be involved
( Food product placements increasingly
supplant traditional ads (
Brands are slipping more product into content including music and streaming ( Examples of food, grocery product 
placement on screen ( A lemonade 
co-brands (Barbie) and its new product placement is on shelves ( Digital cooler
screens: Kroger ( and Walgreen’s (

And interesting reading
What is ‘local’ anyway?
Think farmers’ markets are ‘local’? Think again.( The prevalence of the 
‘natural’ claim on food packaging: a report looking at 2018 data (,were%20for%20products%20labeled%20natural). Zevia, a no-calorie, sugar soda has an interesting market demographic (those who eat Oreos and Doritos) and impact on retail grocery (increased foot traffic, more trips) so expect to see more marketing ahead ( When you see skinny cans think sophistication and