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Schuster’s blog: Food/health in the news

Posted by: on Monday July 17, 2023

In the economics of food, there’s some good news about the cost of food overall, yet for many not enough; a round-up of SNAP articles and zero waste/repurposing of food ideas and titles.

Grocery inflation drops under five percent in June, but some categories see price increases compared to last year ( <>).

Dollar General CEO on customer buying habits – < $40,000 demographic pulls back from spending with benefit cuts as compared to middle/higher income customers who make substitutions ( <>).

Dollar General’s new cash rewards program ( <>).

Buying food…

Greedflation used to be a fringe theory of price inflation but that’s changing as some think retailers keep prices high ‘because they can’ ( <>).

The gap between what consumers perceive (prices and inflation) and actual prices and inflation ( <>).

Survey: retail grocers say economics will drive shopping for the next 30 years ( <>).

Ever opened a bag of chips and it looks like it’s half full? That’s ‘slack fill:’ what you need to know about it including what’s allowable according to the FDA ( <>);

recent slack fill lawsuits ( <>).

New bill to prohibit EBT processing fees ( <>).

One yogurt company ups their selling of yogurt at discount stores…and downsizes containers

( <>).

The price point of conventional milk (63 cents/pint) and alternative milk (95 cents/pint) and more ( <>).


SNAP Consumer Insight Center: how SNAP customers shop ( <>).

Walmart gets about 26% of SNAP dollars

( <>).

The impact of decreased SNAP benefits on grocery spending: every $1 change in SNAP means a $.66 change in grocery spending with a shift away from groceries to other expenses ( <>).

A survey of low income people found that SNAP is among welfare programs is the hardest help to get ( <>).

With Alaska SNAP recipients now able to order groceries online, SNAP achieves grocery e-commerce nationwide ( <>).

Healthy Fluid Milk Incentive Project (,and%20support%20a%20healthy%20lifestyle <,and%20support%20a%20healthy%20lifestyle>).

Massachusetts the 8th state to allow some restaurants to accept SNAP ( <>)

Repurposing foods/zero waste/cookbooks…

Food waste survey uncovers why we throw out food, which foods are most likely to end up in the garbage ( <>).

Zero waste/leftover cookbooks ( <>); ideas from a recipe developer ( <>).

Some repurposing food ideas…

About 40% of all food waste occurs in the U.S. in the home. Some ideas…make banana bacon made from banana peels to cut down on your food waste…one recipe full of seasoning ( <>). (Note: Consider substituting low-sodium Worcestershire sauce for the tamari and maybe omitting the salt.) Some repurposing ideas for leftover dip include turn it into a dressing for salad or a sauce for baked chicken ( <>).

Add leftover hummus to mashed potatoes ( <>).

Nearly empty salsa in a jar? Some ideas ( <>).

Cauliflower cores are meant to be eaten! ( <>).

Leftover tofu?

( <>).