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Physical activity, food and health news

Posted by: on Saturday May 20, 2023

Teens can get a free pass this summer at one nationwide gym, Michelle Obama’s new food company aimed at children, legislation to standardize food expiration labels, how we pay for food/wellness changes, an update on the Kroger/Albertsons merger; the state of weight loss drugs and insurance coverage and looking to the future…Apple health coaching platform and tweaking genes to make vegetables taste better.

Physical activity, food and health…

Physical activity is central to physical and mental health.

Teens 14 to 19 years can get a ‘free pass’ this summer nationwide at Planet Fitness starting May 15 through August 31 ;

find a location .

Michelle Obama launches a food company that will market health foods to children ; Obama, co-founder and strategic advisor, will will work behind the scenes to navigate the marketplace. The company is a Public Benefit Company – 10% of profits go into initiatives to support children’s health.

Dr. Marion Nestle’s ‘take’ – the good: it’s Public Benefit status and other giving, it’s advisors and the questionable: the cost when compared to competitors/nutritional concerns – 5 different sweeteners including stevia .

Food, how we pay for food/wellness…

Legislation introduced to standardize food expiration dates with an eye towards reducing food waste and in light of differing state regulations, the bill allows foods past their expiration date to be donated

BNPL (Buy Now Pay later) becomes a ‘normal’ way to pay for food  .

Restaurants subscriptions get us to buy more ;

and so do c-store subscriptions ;

Hy-Vee’s $99/month health & wellness subscription includes monthly sessions with an RD and more (;

Hy-Vee registered dietitian describes the program; it’s likely you’ll see other grocers follow Hy-Vee

Kroger, Albertsons merger…

Kroger, Albertsons CEOs clarify merger details: zero store closures, no frontline worker layoffs and lowering prices that negatively affect farmers ; report outlines how much workers could lose in a merger; largest union voted rejects merger

Weight loss drugs and insurance…

Weight loss drugs not covered by many insurance plans ; employees want coverage which could increase premiums

On the horizon…

Apple health coaching platform in development

Tweaking vegetables’ genes to make them taste better

Could Amazon let you buy items/food in the virtual space? Enter Amazon Anywhere.