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JNEB Editorial – February 2023

Posted by: on Sunday February 12, 2023

What’s JNEB Got to Do With It?
Lauren Haldeman, PhD


When I think about the role JNEB has played throughout my career, it is clear to me that it was and continues to be integral to my development as a nutrition professional. I can pinpoint how I utilized JNEB at specific times over the course of my training as an undergraduate and graduate student, as well as in my positions as a public health/community nutritionist and a faculty member.
I was introduced to the field of nutrition education and the Journal of Nutrition Education (JNE), as it was called at that time, by Dr. Ruthe Eshleman, past SNEB president (1980-81) who taught me in my first nutrition class. Right away I knew I had found my passion. Dr. Eshleman taught several more of my classes for which I often referred to JNE as my primary resource. As a nutrition educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), I regularly used JNE to guide the development of nutrition education lesson plans and workshops, because it offered innovative approaches to reaching audiences, as well as practical applications of current research. When I returned to graduate school, I sought out JNEB articles to help hone my research questions and shape my methodologies. Two of the most influential issues for me were the 1995 special issue on The effectiveness of nutrition education and implications for nutrition education policy, programs, and research: a review of research and the 1996 themed issue on Welfare reform and nutrition education.
 My first publication as first author was in JNEB for my master’s project titled Development of a Color-Coded Bilingual Food Label for Low-Literacy Latino Caretakers.
It was a color publication of which I am still very proud. As an early career tenure track Assistant Professor hired by Dr. Laura Sims, past SNEB president (I997-98) and former JNEB editor, I always referred to JNEB to justify the work I was doing and to stay current on cutting edge, evidenced-based methodologies and interventions. Now, in mid-career, I use JNEB in my work almost every day as I continue teaching nutrition education application and theory classes, conducting research, and training our future nutrition professionals.
The breadth and depth of nutrition education research, practice and policy provided through JNEB is impressive. And the continual evolution of the journal to include emphases on the most salient topics in the field, varied methodological approaches, quality implications for practice and policy, and a commitment to inclusion at all levels is why JNEB has been my peer reviewed, scientific resource of choice throughout my career. It is my hope that it will also be first choice for our readers, members and future nutrition professionals.