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In the news…grocers, food prices, weight loss drugs

Posted by: on Saturday November 4, 2023

A lot is happening at grocers including retailers competing ways to reduce Thanksgiving meal costs, SNAP e-commerce access increasing, food-as-medicine efforts and how food insecurity impacts grocers. More broadly, certain food items continue to increase in price. And the conversation about weight loss drugs continues.

Grocers: Thanksgiving, SNAP e-commerce, food-as-medicine…

Walmart, Aldi competing lower Thanksgiving prices

SNAP: BJ’s adds SNAP online payment for Instacart customers

Kroger’s now accepts online SNAP Nationwide

Albertsons grants to help signups for SNAP, WIC

Instacart monthly stipend to help those in Chicago access healthy food;

Instacart addressing food deserts in S.C. In-store restaurant offerings as the cost of restaurant meals increases

Food: which are rising in price? and more…

The rising cost of orange juice: reduced yields, smaller oranges The price of olive oil surges Will sugar prices rise due to drought?

Chipotle raises prices for the 4th time in 2 years

Social media pics of shopping carts at different price points


Ahead of holidays retailers offering samples in pickup orders to increase impulse buying

Weight loss drugs continue to appear in the news…

First it was Walmart, now restaurants look for signs of weight loss drugs’ impact on sales;

yet Coca Cola CEO brushes off the impact of these drugs

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