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In the News: Growing trends in plant-based foods

Posted by: on Monday October 21, 2019 impossible foods

Plant-based trends

Vegan school lunches expand (according to the School Nutrition Association, in 2016, 11.5% of school districts provided vegan meals in an least one school and this increased to 14% in 2017) @ and tracking Impossible Foods growth with a March survey that finds 36% of Americans wished fast food had more vegetarian options @ yet there is a backlash from some. (The CEOs of Whole Foods and Chipotle criticize the products as highly/ultra-processed.) @

New plant-based products

Incogmeato line (Kellogg) will include burgers, chicken nuggets and tenders @ burger (Nestle, the world’s largest food company) is rolling out at Fred Meyer, Hy-Vee, Stop & Shop and others @ and Just Eggs…made from mung beans @

Other news…

**See how Google is getting into food in a big way including menu recognition and putting popular dishes from restaurants into Google Maps @

**Functional food trends – consumers seek specific foods for help with their sleep, weight loss, energy, stress, focus, brain and heart health @

**Banning new drive-thru restaurants is happening in some cities (MN is the latest to issue a ban joining CA, MO, NJ) @ to address the environment, pedestrian safety and obesity.

**A meat tax is gaining popularity in Western Europe @

New foods you might have missed…

Keto-friendly adult cereal has a mix of sweeteners and it is twice the cost of regular cereal ($1.39 a bowl) @ coffee (but not a great deal of evidence about its health benefits @, a new ancient gluten-free African grain higher in protein, fiber and iron than brown rice (look for hot cereal and chips soon) @ and Target’s new food line, Good and Gather (no artificial flavors/sweeteners, synthetic colors and HFCS)