NNEdPro in partnership with Monash University and SNEB/ International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE)

The International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE) is a global membership network that provides mentoring and opportunities for professionals and organisations interested in developing and delivering high quality nutrition education and evaluating its impact, particularly on healthcare practices.

NNEdPro has spent the last decade developing its think-tank, training academy, and creating a strong knowledge network and network of interest. Looking forward, NNEdPro aims to leverage this momentum further, engage deeper and provide value-added benefits for members in line with the vision and mission of NNEdPro, while building a stronger global community by developing collaborations with SNEB (United States) and Monash University (Australia).

NNEdPro looks forward to welcoming new members to the IANE.

Matheus Abrantes
Senior Operations and Strategy Co-ordinator | Executive Officer to the Chair and Vice-Chair, NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health

Sucheta Mitra
IANE Membership Officer