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From JNEB – Establishing Our Position: SNEB and JNEB Working Together to Move Nutrition Education Forward

Posted by: on Friday January 5, 2024

as published in the January 2024 issue of JNEB 

by , JNEB Editor in Chief

As I begin to write this editorial to start 2024, I can’t help but look back at my first complete year as the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB). I knew I was walking into a very big role with lofty expectations, but I had no idea the impact this position would have on me personally as well as professionally. I have been a member of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) and a subscriber of JNEB for almost 30 years, yet in this last year I feel like I have seen the solid connection between the SNEB and JNEB more than I ever have. Throughout the year, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with and getting to know a myriad of individuals—researchers, authors, practitioners, leaders, and students—all deeply dedicated to the field. Their passion resonates as they enthusiastically embody the principles of SNEB. The unwavering commitment of our members has been unmistakable in their determined efforts to reinforce SNEB’s standing as the foremost authority in nutrition education.
One of the ways SNEB and JNEB come together as a force in nutrition education is through our position papers. As part of SNEB’s strategic plan, our extensive engagement in national issues, and the growth of JNEB, we aim to establish SNEB’s positions on critical nutrition education topics that directly impact the health and well-being of communities. Containing extensive background information and analysis, position papers provide a more complete understanding of the issues and rationale for a position(s) set forth by the Society. The process is an example of how positions are established and vetted through various levels by SNEB leadership and JNEB’s rigorous peer review.
How appropriate is it that we began 2023 with a position paper on nutrition educator competencies for promoting healthy individuals, communities, and food systems and ended the year with a position paper on food insecurity among college students.
Both papers provide a solid, evidence-based foundation for the position as well as direct application guidelines or call to action for nutrition educators. The significance of this final piece lies in its role in transforming evidence into practical steps for those actively engaged in the field. Albeit somewhat limited this first year, my involvement in the crafting and guiding of these position papers through the publication journey has been a true honor. As a sneak peek, there’s another exciting position paper set to be published in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!
As we plan for 2024, the JNEB Journal Committee is working to revise position paper guidelines to better streamline the process and encourage greater interest in taking on this very important role in the Society. Be on the lookout! Accessing our most recent position papers is easy. Please see our collection at Also, if you have topic ideas or questions, contact SNEB’s Journal Committee Chair, Rickelle Richards (, or JNEB’s Editor in Chief, Lauren Haldeman, PhD (


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