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Buying food & about those portable blenders

Posted by: on Saturday October 7, 2023

by Ellen Shuster, MS

It’s all about buying food here but the latest on portable blenders warrants attention: class action lawsuit  and Consumer Reports’ concerns

This 1 1/2 hour webinar: Helping Military Families Understand the Cost of Convenience is for military families and covers all purchasing but provides valuable insight into the factors that go into convenience purchases and payless payments. Slides and recording .

Food delivery/drive-up…

Gopuff discounted college student membership .

Groceries AND drive-up

Starbucks at Target .

Updated apps/updated websites…

Convenience stores catch shopper’s attention with updated apps, a popular trend .

Aldi’s updated website .

A Gen Z shopper’s take on regional grocers apps .


Retail media: cooler screens, kiosks and more .

Walmart adds on-site video ads .

Hy-Vee’s in-house retail media to target your shopping behavior w/personalized ads, messages .

Sustainability claims catching shopper’s attention .

Self-checkout & selling to shoppers .

Schnucks & smart carts . Localized marketing…some examples: a shopping cart that offers location-based coupons

Some Stop & Shops redoing multicultural aisles .

Restaurants expand into grocery .

Looking ahead…Dynamic pricing (reducing price for food close to expiration) & supermarket food waste .

Grocers & reducing ‘shrink’ at checkout .

Postbiotics options as gut health interest grows

More fresh food offerings from food retailers, an FMI survey .

Dollar General to expand private label and expand fresh produce but they are losing money because they made more on non-food items .

Private labels: retailers’ makeovers: new labels, plant-based and organic options .

More General Mills breakfast, snack foods aimed at weight loss ahead

Nestle to increase healthier foods by 2030, a 50% increase from 2022 .

Cheerios to reach all ages with ‘better-for-you’ ingredients .

Two flavored milks to debut – cereal flavored and maple waffles .

This ‘n that…

Chicago studies city-owned grocery store .

Expiration dates -‘use by dates’ vary by state .

Cell-cultured meat is kosher

A first: female character on a Halloween cereal box . How food companies hide sugar warning labels from Mexican shoppers .

Who I’m hurting when I shop at Walmart . Nutrition Facts label designer has died

A fascinating look at those prices ending in $.99 at the grocery store…left bias: when we look to the left digit of a price. In the real world it means we think a $2.99 item is cheaper than a $3.00 item even if it only differs by a penny