Journal Club Webinar Series

Announcing the Spring 2020 Journal Club

This is the 15th Journal Club hosted by the JNEB. Based on member interest, the spring series will focus on the topic of Telling a Research Story: Qualitative Research Design

The webinars will host nutrition education and health behavior experts who will share their behavioral intervention and program research that uses a variety of study design and methods of application to improve health outcomes in the population. These informative educational workshops will provide valuable learning opportunities for participants to learn the latest hot topics and study design methods in the nutrition and health field. Participants can also receive CPEs by attending these educational webinars.

March 2 • Journal Club 1: Perceived Barriers to Free Summer Meal Participation Among Parents in New York City
March 9 • Journal Club 2: Environmental, Social, and Structural Constraints for Health Behavior: Perceptions of Young Urban Black Women During the Preconception Period - A Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative
March 16 • Journal Club 3: Reasons for Late-Night Eating and Willingness to Change: A Qualitative Study in Pregnant Black Women
March 23 • Journal Club 4: Research to Support the Development of a Campaign to Increase Physical Activity Among Low-Income, Urban, Diverse, Inactive Teens
March 30 • Journal Club 5: Process Evaluation of Strong Hearts, Healthy Communities: A Rural Community-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program
April 13 • Journal Club 6: Leaders' Experience in Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Complex Public Health Nutrition Interventions
April 20 • Journal Club 7: Church Leaders' Views of Obesity Prevention Efforts for Children and Youth
April 27 • Journal Club 8: Barriers to Healthy Eating in a Community That Relies on an Emergency Food Pantry
May 4 • Journal Club 9: Exploration of Surgar-Sweetened Beverage Intake in a Latinx Population

2019 Fall Series: Technology in Nutrition Education and Behavior Change (10 sessions)
2019 Spring Series: Environmental Sustainability and Food Security (10 sessions)

2018 Fall Series: Research, Evaluation and Practice: Analysis to Impact Behavior Change (8 sessions)
2018 Spring Series: Health Disparities: Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Vulnerable Populations (10 sessions)

2017 Fall Semester: Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Interventions/Programs: Study Design and Methods of Application (9 sessions)
2017 Spring Semester: Policies, Systems, and Environmental Change Initiatives/Programs to Improve Health (10 sessions)

2016 Fall Semester: Health Behaviors across the Lifespan: Education, Theory, and Policy (10 sessions)
2016 Spring Semester: Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of Behavioral Nutrition Interventions (10 sessions)

2015 Fall Semester: Survey Design and Validation in Nutrition Education and Behavior Research (8 sessions)
2015 Spring Semester: Statistical Methodology in Nutrition Education Research (12 sessions)

2014 Fall Semester: Nutrition Environments and Shaping Behavior (12 sessions)
2014 Spring Semester: Media, Marketing and Labels (10 sessions)

2013 Fall Semester: Schools and Nutrition: Environment, Interventions and Policy (11 sessions)
2013 Spring Semester: Childhood Obesity (10 sessions)