Digital Technology in Nutrition Education and Behavior Change

Technology is changing nutrition education and behavior change. As the experts in nutrition education and behavior change, SNEB members should understand and use technology innovations, but we must also assert our subject matter expertise in health behavior change. SNEB members have an important contribution to make in this area as digital technologies rarely leverage the power of the nutrition, social and behavioral sciences that we are the experts in. SNEB members -- both researchers and practitioners -- need to know about new technologies, how to engage with them, and how to evaluate when and how to use or recommend using them.

For 2017-2018, the division will be run by a planning committee:

  • Marissa Burgermaster
  • Siew Sun Wong
  • Virginia Stage
  • Tatyana El-Kour
  • Seung-Yeon Lee
  • Elsa Ramirez-Brisson
  • Natalie Cooke
  • Whitney Bateson

In 2018-19 we propose chair and chair elect (both will need to go on the ballot at the same time):

  • Marissa Burgermaster (Chair)
  • Siew Sun Wong (Chair-elect)