Let's Eat Healthy by Dairy Council of California

Let’s Eat Healthy, an initiative of Dairy Council of California

Dairy Council of California is committed to elevating the health of children and families in California and beyond through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits.

We believe:

  • In promoting nutrition equity for optimal growth, health, well-being, which contributes to healthy communities.
  • Children and their families deserve equitable access to nutrition education and healthy foods.
  • Milk and dairy foods are essential to daily healthy eating patterns in sustainable food systems.
  • Collaboration is vital to ensure children are supported to grow healthfully.

Many children in California and throughout the United States do not have access to nutritious foods and nutrition education, leaving them without the support they need to achieve optimal health. While the environmental conditions affecting health are complex, supporting children’s health through nutrition can have a lifelong impact on their success in school and life.

Achieving nutrition equity will require comprehensive, creative and collaborative action among many stakeholders, including community leaders and experts in nutrition, health and education, as well as consideration of the important perspectives of the people within communities.

One way educators and health professionals can be part of the solution to improve nutrition equity is to join the Let’s Eat Healthy movement to support children and families in building healthier lives and communities. Through shared values, the movement aims to empower stakeholders to champion community health through nutrition, provide resources to inspire and enable healthy eating habits, and find solutions to make nutritious foods accessible and affordable to all of our diverse communities. Join the movement today at HealthyEating.org/Join.

Learn how you can elevate your involvement with the initiative by downloading the Let’s Eat Healthy Initiative Strategic Framework at HealthyEating.org/Join. The framework includes:

  • A call to action to address the issue of nutrition equity to improve the health of communities through nutrition; and
  • Objectives that outline action steps to anchor collective efforts in advancing and activating the initiative.

Dairy Council of California provides resources and services at low and no cost to millions of children, families, and partners in health, education, agriculture and community organizations. Available in print or download, our resources and materials teach nutrition fundamentals and agriculture literacy. Explore our comprehensive product catalog of resources for every education setting to empower lifelong healthy eating habits at HealthyEating.org/Catalog.

Delve into the stories of California leaders and change-makers who educate, inspire and empower children, families and communities to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. The annual Let’s Eat Healthy Leadership Awards recognizes and celebrates individuals and organizations that improve nutrition education and access to nutritious foods to make a positive difference in the health of their communities and beyond. Learn about the 2022 awardees at HealthyEating.org/Award.
We look forward to opportunities to work together to elevate the health of children and families.

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