Intuitive/Mindful Eating, Body Positivity

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Posted by: on Monday April 30, 2018 Article originally appears in the April 26, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator. I remember the first time I told my parents that I wouldn’t be joining them for dinner because I wasn’t hungry. Their reply? But it’s TIME for dinner. My approach to eating has served me well over the years - eating when hungry and eating s-l-o-w-l-y - I am usually the last person at a table to finish eating. In this article I look at Intuitive/mindful eating and body positivity and provide some resources (...)

SNEB Director of Meetings Sheila King, CMP Receives Recognition in her Industry

Sheila King, CMP
Posted by: on Wednesday April 25, 2018 Sheila King, CMP, SNEB Director of Meetings, took home a top honor at the recent Meetings Professionals International (MPI) Indiana Chapter IMPRESS Awards. Sheila was recognized as MPI Indiana’s Member of the Year. This award recognizes the commitment of a member in influencing the life of the Chapter and is based on the ability of the recipient to motivate others, stimulate volunteer functions, and give a sense of direction and act as a catalyst to cause exceptional results that benefit (...)

Signature SNEB Conference Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

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Posted by: on Monday April 23, 2018 We are excited to announce two premier SNEB Annual Conference sessions: the George M. Briggs Nutrition Science Symposium - Toward Sustainable Diets: Current Evidence and Future Challenges and the Bee Marks Communication Symposium - Toward Sustainable Diets: Communicating the Evidence, Addressing the Challenges. Opening Keynote and George M. Briggs Nutrition Science Symposium - Toward Sustainable Diets: Current Evidence and Future Challenges 8:30 am - 10:00 am | Sunday, July 22 | Sessi (...)

MyFitnessPal Data Breach – Digging Deeper

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Posted by: on Wednesday April 18, 2018 Article originally appears in the April 12, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator. Will the recent data breach of MyFitnessPal (see first citation below) be an anomaly? Not likely. Read about the ‘Wild Wild West’ of mobile health app data security as well as good consumer tips. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exercises enforcement over medical device-type mobile apps (more detail @ and the Fe (...)

Vegetarian Trends

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Posted by: on Tuesday April 3, 2018 Article originally appears in the March 29 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator. If you think you are seeing more vegetarian/plant-based options everywhere, here’s more about this trend.. OVERALL TRENDS **These veg trends are going mainstream - Mintel research says that 30% of U.S. adults eat meatless at least once a week. And restaurants are paying attention...a pea protein-based burger @ TGIF, spiralized veggie pasta @ Olive Garden, cauliflower pizza crust @ California Pizza Kitchen, br (...)

A Deep Dive into Understanding Research Studies

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Posted by: on Tuesday March 20, 2018 Article originally appears in the March 15, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator. Now more than ever understanding research studies is important. Social media and the sharing of inaccurate nutrition and health information often coming from questionable research makes it imperative to understand the scientific process and explain it to others. OVERVIEW Why does nutrition advice contradict itself? Overview of factors such as media, evidence-base, bias and source. http://jenniferbrownwell (...)

The Wave of Removing Artificial Colors and Ingredients Continues

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Posted by: on Monday March 5, 2018 Article originally appears in the March 1, 2018 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator. Companies respond to consumer advocate demands to remove artificial colors and other ingredients from processed food and restaurant offerings. Background **Color additives An overview of color additives, which ones are FDA-approved and their oversight/regulation. **Goodbye to artificial colors? Dr. Marion Nestle’s response to Nestle (...)

Learn Online with Podcasts!

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Posted by: on Monday February 19, 2018 Podcasts are a way to listen to an interview with a nutrition leader, hear about the latest research, learn about a nutrition-related topic or learn about a nutrition-related book. And you can walk or garden while listening. So get podcasting.. Interviews with nutrition leaders Isabel Contento Put a Fork In It! Ep. 6: Pamela Koch and Isobel Contento, Tisch Center for Food, Education and Policy - All About Nutrition Education from Put a Fork In It! in Podcasts. (...)

Food (and Drink) in All the (Wrong) Places

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Posted by: on Monday February 12, 2018 Several years ago while in a shoe store I noticed a beverage vending machine near the cash register. I began to see food and/or drink vending machines in places I wouldn’t have expected such as Best Buy. Here are some other places food and drink is popping up (hint: not all examples are vending machines)... VENDING Where are the best places to locate vending machines? **According to the Vending Group blog, apartment communities and auto shops. (...)

Visual Serving Size Guides

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Posted by: on Monday January 22, 2018 It’s the New Year and in the spirit of eating healthy resolutions here is a list of visual serving size guides from different sources. What is the difference between a serving and a portion? Some of the resources below are titled serving sizes, others are titled portion sizes. This article reminds us that a serving may be based on MyPlate (or a similar food guide) or a food label. A portion is what someone eats at one time for a meal or snack - a portion may be more or less than a serving. (...)