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Have you ever looked at your pictures and wondered if you could make them really speak to your clients??  If you have, Fotobabble is here to save the day!  Fotobabble is a speech recording program that allows you to “speak” a caption.  With Fotobabble, you can use any picture, whether it is one from your own camera or one you have the rights to use, and record a message that can be heard by anyone who views this new, enhanced Fotobabble-d photo.  The type of information provided may depend on the nature of the photos, and can include anything from nutrition guidelines to recipes.  These “fotobabbles” can then be included in blogs or on clinic websites as additional sources of information.

This tool can be very beneficial for the dietetics community, allowing us to reach a broader audience.  In fact, the audience that may benefit the most is a lower-literacy population.  We give many types of print information to our clients, but what good is it if a person can’t understand it?

For example, Fotobabble could be used to post a step-by-step recipe on a clinic website for use with clients.  Clients could visit this website at home or on a smart phone and carry out the steps of the recipe in real-time.  This is great especially for lower-literacy clients who may find the steps to a recipe overwhelming if they are all listed together.  Separating the steps makes following a recipe much more manageable and less intimidating.   An example of following a recipe using Fotobabble is included at the end of this post.

Fotobabble makes it easy to get started and set up an account.  All their tools are hosted right on their website.  And it’s free!  What could be better than that?  Just go to and follow their instructions to sign up.  So have fun and happy “babbling!”

Picture 1 (Ingredients)

Picture 2 (tortilla cut into ¼’s):

Picture 3 (uncooked and on baking sheet):

Picture 4 (Baked tortillas):

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