(USDA/National Agricultural Library) (USDA/National Agricultural Library)

Welcome to the USDA and Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) exhibit! Located at the National Agricultural Library, our three websites compile and organize nutrition resources from across federal agencies and other credible sources.

  • is a USDA-sponsored website that offers credible information to help the public make healthful eating choices. New pages for 2021 are “Coronavirus Pandemic and Food” and “Dementia and Alzheimer’s.” In addition, view 14 new resources on the “Culture and Food” page and 36 new resources in the “Nutrition by Age” section.
  • FNIC is a USDA National Agricultural Library website for health professionals, educators, and researchers.
  • The Historical Dietary Guidance Digital Collection allows the public to discover and research the history of nutrition education and dietary advice online. Over 500 new materials were added in 2021!

Browse our Resources list on the right for three downloadable handouts and other new or noteworthy materials. Have questions about our websites or nutrition resources? Contact the Registered Dietitians at, or visit us in the Remo  from 2-3 pm EST on Monday, August 9 or 11 am-12 pm EST on Tuesday, August 10. and Nutrition Information Center


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