Research Division

Co-Chair-Elect: Laura Bellows, MPH, RD, PhD
Co-Chair-Elect: Madeleine Sigman-Grant

SNEB takes pride in its leadership role in moving the field of nutrition education and behavior forward. To accomplish this, we depend on the research conducted by our membership.

While past annual conferences have provided a venue for researchers to disseminate their work, there has been less attention given to increasing their skills. The creation of a specific division would enable members to engage at a personal and professional level through networking and capacity building. It would provide opportunities to increase the rigor of submissions to JNEB. It could serve an important function in bringing together students (undergraduates, graduates and post-doc) and researchers to strengthen future nutrition educators.

This new Division would not draw researchers away from discipline-specific divisions, but rather provide a means to enhance SNEB’s research presence across disciplines.