1968 Minutes of Giving for History Project


Over 50 years ago, the five founders of SNEB signed articles of incorporation with a purpose of operating a professional society for the advancement of research, education and communication in the field of nutrition education. On June 7, 1968 that document was endorsed by the secretary of state of California. This year, the SNEB Foundation is celebrating this date by devoting 1968 Minutes of Giving to support a special history project to honor the founders of nutrition education. The goal is to raise $19,680 to fund an oral history project to interview individuals key to SNEB’s founding and the advancement of the nutrition education profession. By funding this special project through a special appeal the Foundation can continue to support scholarships to conference through giving level donors.

How can you help?

  • Give $19.68 at http://www.sneb.org/1968 – together we can reach the goal of $19,680.
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  • Watch for the #1968Minutes hashtag on social media for stories about past Foundation projects. Did you know the Foundation has supported over 125 scholarships since 2004? And that two SNEB Board members received scholarships as a student. You truly are supporting the future of nutrition education.

1968 Minutes of Giving for Scholarships – June 7-8, 2022

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Join me in supporting future nutrition educators! I’m raising money for Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Foundation’s special project to create an oral history.

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Yes, the SNEB Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization and all gifts are tax-deductible in the US to the full extent of the law.

What is the Federal Tax ID number for the SNEB Foundation.
Our tax identification number is: 51-0147071.

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    Since 2004 the Foundation has awarded over 125 scholarships. We checked in with scholarship alumni and want to share the stories they shared. Prepare to be inspired!

Natalia Stasenko MS, RD

 Current Professional Position: Freelance Registered Dietitian at Feeding Bytes

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? The 2011 SNEB conference was one of the first professional conferences I attended as a nutrition student and it was fundamental in helping me understand the different opportunities in research and nutrition education available to me. I met with my mentor who introduced me to the basics of child nutrition research.

How has SNEB impacted your professional development? I was fundamental in helping me find the area of my current specialization – child nutrition. Once I attended the conference and got an overview of different directions my career could take me, I could start working towards getting more knowledge and experience in my niche.

Bethany D. Williams, PhD, MSH

Current Professional Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, Washington State University Health Sciences- Spokane.

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? I received recognition for my student scholarship during Summer 2019 in Orlando, FL. Being introduced and honored was humbling and invigorated my own pride for the work and research I do. I learned of important breakthrough science in my field of interest, and made connections with fellow student scientists and faculty mentors that I maintain to this day.

How has SNEB impacted your professional development? At my very first attendance to SNEB, I made a contact at the institution where I am now training as a Postdoctoral Researcher; I would not have sought out this specific opportunity if it had not been for that connection. The student-focused events were also hugely helpful for learning how to make decisions on my career trajectory, and presenting myself professionally with an elevator pitch and portfolio. Overall SNEB is an intimate, welcoming and tight-knit conference where I found much opportunity to learn from experts in my field of research.

Cassandra Nikolaus, PhD

Current Professional Position: Research Assistant Professor in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and the Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH) at Washington State University

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? I received a student scholarship to attend the 2017 SNEB conference, which was hosted in D.C. As someone who grew up in (and rarely traveled outside of) Washington state, it was an incredible opportunity to visit the nation’s capital. The conference was also a pivotal opportunity in my research career to share the Nutrition Environment Food Pantry Assessment Tool (NEFPAT), which I worked with University of Illinois Extension to develop. I presented these findings during an oral session and in a video abstract that was shared widely by SNEB. I met numerous professionals at the 2017 conference who were interested in using the NEFPAT and these connections have developed into a fruitful area of practice-based research, where I continue to work in today.

How has SNEB impacted your professional development? SNEB has been a cornerstone of my professional development. Attending the annual conferences has helped me establish a professional network, generate new research ideas, develop my public speaking skills, and ensure that I am familiar with work being conducted at other institutions in the U.S. and beyond. I have also seen great benefit from engaging with SNEB outside of the annual conference, by staying engaged with divisions and through the regular e-mails and webinars that keep me up to date with issues and breakthroughs in the field. In many ways, I have found my professional home within SNEB.

Acadia Buro, MS

Current Professional Position: Doctoral Candidate at the University of South Florida College of Public Health

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? My first time attending the SNEB annual conference was in 2018 as a first-year doctoral student. The highlight of the conference was the diverse array of networking opportunities. It was a pleasure to connect with professionals and fellow students.

How has SNEB impacted your professional development? My experience with SNEB has inspired me to continue to focus on nutrition education intervention research. This September, I will start a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral oncology with an emphasize on nutrition and obesity related interventions.

Kristin Bogdonas, MPH

Current Professional Position: Nutrition and Wellness Educator

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? Although the conference was virtual in 2020, I still valued the experience and was honored to receive the scholarship! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions on sustainable food systems and food access. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

How has SNEB impacted your professional development? SNEB has consistently been a valuable source for evidence-based education and tools to improve program development and evaluation.

Jessica Soldavini, PhD, MPH, RD, LDN

Research Specialist, Carolina Hunger Initiative and No Kid Hungry NC, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? Attending the 2019 SNEB Annual Conference was an incredibly valuable experience. I had the opportunity to share my work through two poster presentations. The networking opportunities were one of my favorite parts of my experiences as I got to connect with and learn from other nutrition educators from around the world. I also had a lot of fun attending a pre-conference session, which was a Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot!

How has SNEB impacted your professional development? SNEB has played a major role in my professional development. I published my first peer-reviewed journal article in JNEB and gave my first webinar as part of the JNEB Journal Club. I also had the opportunity to serve as the Student Liaison to the Board of Directors, which was a great opportunity to gain leadership experience and learn more about how the organization operates. The networking opportunities have allowed me to make connections with other nutrition education professionals and have allowed me to collaborate on projects with other SNEB members. I highly recommend SNEB membership for anyone in the field of nutrition education!

Julie Plasencia, PhD candidate, RDN

Current Professional Position: Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Summary of Professional Experience: Since receiving the scholarship, I completed my MS, became a registered dietitian and worked in several areas related to diabetes. I was a clinical dietitian and outpatient diabetes educator in two different hospitals in Las Vegas, NV. I also worked as an extension specialist at the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. I then returned to Michigan State to complete a PhD and started my position as an assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky in the summer of 2016.

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship? I remember several things. It was the first time I presented my MS thesis research and during my poster session, I met Mary Wilson and Madeleine Sigman-Grant who advised me with regards to applying for internships in Nevada. They also encouraged me with regards to my thesis work, which is still my area of interest in research. I also met LeeAnn Weniger-Mandrillo at a reception with the SNEB president at the time, Robin Orr. I recall Robin’s energy and how contagious it was. In fact, it was so contagious that it was during that reception that LeeAnn and I came up with the idea for a speed-networking reception for students and professionals at future meetings (which I believe are still held!). I also remember meeting Jean Pennington when we received the awards and being in awe that I met one of the authors of a textbook I used in my dietetics courses. I met so many people I looked up to and continue to do so every time I attend the SNEB Conference.

How has membership in SNEB impacted your professional development? SNEB has always been a great organization to network and I have made new connections with researchers and educators each time I have attended. I am so thankful to Drs. Sharon Hoerr and Lorraine Weatherspoon for recommending SNEB to me as a student.

Amy Martin

“When I attend the SNEB Conference this August, I am looking forward to learning more about how to make nutrition education accessible to all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. I will begin my Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in the fall, and I will be focusing on community nutrition. In the future, I would like to work in a community with low-income, food-insecure individuals, which is a very diverse group. Therefore, ensuring that my nutrition education materials are accessible will be key as I pursue a professional career in this area. I am looking forward to learning more about this topic at the SNEB Conference so I can improve the nutrition education materials that I will develop as an aspiring community dietitian.”

Yenory Hernández Garbanzo, PhD

Current Professional Position:

    • Nutrition Specialist, Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
    • Upcoming SNEB Vice-president, SNEB Foundation Trustee, SNEB-DINE member

What are your remembrances of the conference where you received your scholarship?

I have many and wonderful remembrances of the 2010 SNEB Annual conference in Reno, Nevada, where I received my student scholarship. However, I would like to highlight two:

  • As an international student then, this scholarship was not only instrumental to help me attend the SNEB conference, but it was also a once in a lifetime opportunity to get immersed in the most important professional society and community in the nutrition education field , a great chance to exchange ideas, receive the best feedback and establish a research network crucial to my dissertation which dealt with measuring the impact of the Youth Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP).
  • But there’s more!! It was simply amazing to have a mentor during the whole conference, who accompanied me through a personalized SNEB journey. A journey that nourished my professional endeavor while inspiring my mind and heart, to believe more in myself and  in embracing the opportunities along this journey.  It was in this conference when I learned that we all can and must make a difference in our field  in order to create a better and healthier world for all. I will be forever grateful to this scholarship and to those who made it happen. The scholarship had a huge positive impact on my personal and professional life forever and, without a doubt, helped me become the accomplished professional I am now.

How has SNEB impacted your professional development?

SNEB has impacted my professional life in so many indescribable ways. But, I would point out two specific aspects in which I consider SNEB has been transcendental in my life as a nutrition education professional:

  • First, my whole career in nutrition education has been shaped by what I have gained by actively becoming part of SNEB, especially through its International Division (DINE). I will never forget that with DINE, I started the journey, where  my colleagues generously encouraged me to believe  in myself and in my skills to make the difference. I received all the necessary mentoring and hands-on opportunities (i.e. from preparing newsletters to organizing SNEB conference sessions with first-class leaders from the US and United Nations), that provided me  with plenty of skills, but most importantly the confidence and ability to use them, with the best support system-the SNEB family!
  • Second, SNEB taught me the best lesson of my life-if you can dream it, you can do it. As we evolve to find our true north, start by fulfilling the real needs and priorities in this world of nutrition education, in other words make your work people-centered. Also, let’s not forget that we all need to keep learning and growing with every new experience, but most importantly, let’s feel part of a community/ family that is always willing to share and help us with the sole purpose to make us grow and leave a positive footprint in our field. With this in mind, I invite all of you to take a moment to support today the SNEB Foundation Scholarships!