SNEB Journal Club 4: From Policy to Practice-Implementation of Water Policies in Child Care Center in Connecticut

Speakers: Ann E. Middleton, MPH & Kathryn E. Henderson, PhD, Yale University

Child care policies may contribute to healthy beverage consumption patterns. This study documented availability and accessibility of water and correspondence with state and federal policy and accreditation standards in child care centers.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants shall be able to describe different levels (e.g., site, state, federal) of beverage policy in child care.
2. Participants shall be able to describe various metrics for evaluating water accessibility, policy, and consumption in institutional settings for children.
3. Participants shall be able to describe barriers to and facilitators of implementing strong beverage policies in institutional settings for children.

Kathryn E. Henderson, PhD, is a psychologist and Sole Proprietor of Henderson Consulting, where she provides research consultation to projects addressing the nutrition and physical activity environment in schools and child care. She also serves as co-Chair of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation- and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-sponsored Early Care and Education Working Group, a national network of researchers focused on obesity prevention in early childhood.

Ann Middleton is a Senior Research Analyst at IMPAQ International, where she provides survey methodology and evaluation services to federal, state, and county agencies on the topics of food assistance, subsidized childcare, and workforce development. Over the past nine years, Ms. Middleton has worked with schools, childcare centers, retailers, and social service agencies to assess various nutrition program and policy implementations.