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Journal Club 4: A Plate Waste Evaluation of the Farm to School Program

October 22, 2018

Login for member pricing About the Webinar Program evaluation is an important part of determining any intervention’s success. In this presentation, we will discuss the study design and methodologies used to evaluate a new

Journal Club 5: An Obesity Risk Assessment Tool for Young Children: Validity with BMI and Nutrient Values

November 5, 2018

Login for member pricing About the Webinar The session will focus on the development and validation of a pediatric obesity risk assessment tool for low-income families. Additional topics include the importance of tailoring content to

Journal Club 6: Nutrition Environment Food Pantry Assessment Tool (NEFPAT): Development and Evaluation

November 12, 2018

Login for member pricing About the Webinar The food and nutrition environment – which includes aspects such as food pricing, placement, marketing and promotions – is known to impact consumer behaviors. However, the impact of

Journal Club 7: A Qualitative Exploration Into the Parent-Child Feeding Relationship: How Parents of Preschoolers Divide the Responsibilities of Feeding with Their Children

November 19, 2018

Login for member pricing About the Webinar This presentation will describe the the process of conducting a qualitative research study and highlight results from a study that explored the extent to which parents divide responsibilities of

Journal Club 8: Does the Kids Cafe Program's Nutrition Education Improve Childrens' Dietary Intake? A Pilot Evaluation Study

November 26, 2018

Login for member pricing About the Webinar The Kids Café Program (KCP), sponsored by Feeding America, is a national program that provides snacks and nutrition education for low-income children. Because of the large amount of money

Professional Opportunities in School Nutrition Services: Nutrition Education, Food System Change and More!

December 4, 2018

About the Webinar The 2018 publication of Joint Position Paper on Comprehensive Nutrition Programs and Services in Schools, by SNEB, School Nutrition Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, provides the foundation for

Publication Ethics Resources for Editors

February 5, 2019

Login for member pricing About the Webinar As the number of published articles continues to increase each year, so do the number of fraudulent studies. In fact, the number of retractions in the biomedical literature increased from 467

Navigating Successful Mentor-Mentee Relationships

April 11, 2019

About the Webinar This webinar will provide valuable information to persons at all stages of their career for developing effective mentor-mentee relationships. Challenges to developing effective relationships include, but are not limited