USDA Economic Research Service

USDA Economic Research Service

Welcome to the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) exhibit! We hope you enjoy learning more about nutrition-related resources available from ERS.

The ERS mission is to anticipate trends and emerging issues in agriculture, food, the environment, and rural America and to conduct high-quality, objective economic research to inform and enhance public and private decision making.

ERS shapes its research program and products to serve those who routinely make or influence public policy and program decisions. Our research provides context for and informs the decisions that affect the agricultural sector. ERS research and analysis covers a broad range of economic and policy topics: agricultural economy, food and nutrition, food safety, global markets and trade, resources and environment, and rural economy.

Check out these highlights from our nutrition-related research. Then visit the Food Choices & Health and Food & Nutrition Assistance webpages for more ERS research on these topics.

Diet Quality & Nutrition

Consumer Information and Labeling


Food Access

Food Consumption and Demand

Child Nutrition Programs

U.S. Food Security

Global Food Security

ERS digitally publishes its research and analysis in economic research reports, articles in our award-winning Amber Waves magazine, data visualizations and data products throughout the year. Research and data that can help interpret and understand the emerging economic impacts of the pandemic are highlighted on ERS’ COVID-19 Economic Implications for Agriculture, Food, and Rural America web page.

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Jacqueline Michael-Midkiff