8:00 am - 12:00 pm | Wilson | Technologies for Teaching and Learning in Nutrition Education and Beyond (RSVP required)

Technologies for Teaching and Learning in Nutrition Education and Beyond

8:00 am - 12:00 pm | Monday, 7/24 | Wilson
$90 for SNEB members | $125 nonmembers | $50 students | Breakfast served | RSVP required

Moderator: Siew Sun Wong, PhD, MS, Oregon State University
Speakers: Joan Cowdery, PhD, MS, Eastern Michigan University; Marissa Burgermaster, PhD, MS, MAEd, Columbia University Medical Center; Alan Dennis, BS, Oregon State University; Siew Sun Wong, PhD, MS, Oregon State University

This active learning session will provide short lectures followed by short bursts of multi-sensory and creative combination (mash-up) of digital demonstrations, such as mobile apps for enhancing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity; touring in the virtual world; and experience augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality.

In pairs (a more-tech-savvy person and a less-tech-savvy person), participants will experience and compare mixed digital environments, then discuss applications related to their clients. For further engagement, the session will end with hands-on experience in customizing avatars, and making an AR video and poster. Each participant will take a Google Cardboard home.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how the Internet of Things is changing our living environments, our health, and teaching and learning environment.
  2. Create or adapt strategies to teach nutrition education by applying the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.
  3. Compare feasibility of mixed digital environments to teaching & learning (e.g., the virtual world, augmented reality and virtual reality), and make your own augmented reality video and talking poster.

Session sponsored by the International Nutrition Education Division and Higher Education Division.