A Pilot Comprehensive School Nutrition Program Improves Knowledge and Intentions for Milk and Alternatives Intake among Youth in a Remote First Nation

Speaker: Michelle Gates RD, MSc, PhD Candidate, School of Public Health & Health Systems University of Waterloo

Learning Objectives:

1. To develop an understanding of the nutritional issues facing on-reserve First Nations youth in northern Ontario, Canada

2. To gain knowledge of an example of how a pilot school nutrition program for First Nations youth can be modeled on social cognitive theory

3. To develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in working in remote areas with limited resources

4. To discuss the opportunities and limitations for school nutrition programs to improve nutrition in First Nations youth, considering contextual factors (e.g., remoteness, access to and cost of healthy food, community environment)

5. To gain insight about the importance of a participatory approach and cultural appropriateness in the University-community research relationship