Love of Eating. Fear of Food: How to Empower Consumers in an Age of Mistrust


Sarah Downs, MBA, RDN and JJ Jones from The Center for Food Integrity

Trust in our food supply and nutrition information is critical to the health of our nation, yet consumers are more skeptical than ever. What can we do to regain their trust and bring the credibility back to the profession? This session will review the historical perspective of the decline of trust; explore how individuals without nutrition expertise have gained a powerful voice in our food system; discuss how to communicate effectively with consumers to reach them with science-based nutrition information; and outline how to promote the health care professional as the expert to rebuild consumer trust in today’s food system. The Dairy Council of California is sponsoring this webinar.

Learning Objectives:

• Practice values-based communication skills to engage more effectively with consumers, patients, clients and colleagues and build trust using the power of shared values.

• Provide balance and perspective to the food and nutrition dialog through meaningful connections with consumers, clients and patients.

• Utilize tools and strategies to rebuild consumer trust in nutrition science and the food supply, positioning the nutrition and health professional as the experts.