Early Childhood Nutrition: How to Get Feeding off to a Positive and Healthy Start

Katja Rowell, MD, The Feeding Doctor (thefeedingdoctor.com ) Mary Mullen, MS, RD, LDN, Healthy Eating for Families (healthyeatingforfamilies.com) This session will outline the feeding transition between infancy and toddlerhood, taking into account the dual purpose of optimizing the child’s growth and development while minimizing obesity risk. Parents are often misinformed about what to feed their child, confused by conflicting information from various sources, and overwhelmed by many food choices in the marketplace. Beverages are a particular concern as children are transitioning from breast milk or formula and parents are unclear about the best choices for their growing child. The nutrition educator will be equipped with strategies on how to help parents foster healthy eating habits in their children. This session is sponsored by Dairy Council of California in partnership with the Orange County Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics.


2013-05-23 12.01 Early Childhood Nutrition How to Get Feeding off to a Positive and Healthy Start from Society for Nutrition Education on Vimeo.