Getting your Results into JNEB: Insights into Paper Categories, Tables, Figures, and More

Learn to categorize your paper as an Article or Brief for best reviews; update your results’ display skills; shape and focus your writing skills in this webinar.

Dr. Karen Chapman-Novakofski, JNEB Editor in Chief introduces the webinar. Three expert reviewerslead the discussion on this webinar. Dr. Natalie Caine-Bish, JNEB Board of Editor, highlights distinguishing features between Research Articles and Briefs particularly the areas of study design, methodology, and results. Dr. Judy Sheeshka, JNEB Associate Editor, discusses table strengths and weaknesses for titles, relevant data, statistics, and format/layout. Finally, Dr. Bret Luick, JNEB Board of Editor, provides examples and background on figure’s impact to convey research whether it’s a scattergram, diagram, bar graph, or photo.

View this webinar and gain insight into how to make your manuscript more impactful (from the perspective of those who will be reviewing it)!

2012-11-07 16.35 Getting your Results into JNEB Insights into Paper Categories, Tables, Figures, and More from Society for Nutrition Education on Vimeo.