Cracking the Code on Breakfast: Research Roundup and Practical Solutions

(Recorded 8/1/17)

Speaker: Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RDN, LD, WebMD; ENC Health Professional Advisor 

Health professionals often stress the importance of breakfast, especially for growing children. However, breakfast is often overlooked or skipped by busy families. Current research validates the impact of breakfast, and protein specifically, on nutritional status, school performance and more. But how is breakfast defined, what are the key components of a nutritious breakfast, and how can busy families make it a regular routine? This session will provide an overview on the benefits of breakfast as well as practical recommendations for busy families. Webinar sponsored by SNEB organizational member Egg Nutrition Center/ American Egg Board. 

Learning Objectives: 
• Highlight statistics around breakfast consumption among school-aged children 
• Share research highlighting the benefits of breakfast for kids/school performance 
• Discuss studies looking at protein and/or eggs, specifically, and their benefits on school performance or cognition 
• Share easy-to-apply breakfast ideas for busy families 

Applicable SNEB Competencies: 
• Basic Food and Nutrition Knowledge 
• Nutrition Across the Life Cycle