Efforts to Reduce Global Food Insecurity: Perspectives from the United States and the United Nations

(Recorded 5/4/17)

Speakers: Robert Bertram, PhD, Chief Scientist for USAID’s Bureau for Food Security and Trudy Wijnhoven, PhD, Nutrition Officer for the Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN), FAO

This webinar will introduce the Global Food Security Act of 2016 and expand on America’s current efforts to help promote food security around the world. Speakers will provide perspectives from the U.S. Agency for International Development and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to explain the current situation of global nutrition issues and progress made to alleviate global concerns such as hunger, chronic health issues, and mortality. Suggestions will be discussed on how other health professionals and nutrition educators can pitch in to reduce global food insecurity. Webinar sponsored by the SNEB Division of International Nutrition and the Advisory Committee on Public Policy.

Learning Objectives:
o Describe current U.S. efforts in international food systems work and the plans to reduce poverty/hunger and improve nutrition in needed countries
o Compare and contrast the current U.S. efforts and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to reduce global food security
o Discuss international perspectives of global nutrition issues from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
o Identify ways that nutrition educators can work with international entities to promote global food security


  1. DINE Intro Slides
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  3. Trudy Wijnhoven, PhD slides 
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