Journal Club 6 - Safe Food Handling Advice Provided on Question-and-Answer Web Sites Is Inconsistent

Recorded on 11/02/2020

Safe Food Handling Advice Provided on Question-and-Answer Web Sites Is Inconsistent

Consumers increasingly use discussion forums and community-based websites on the Internet to obtain health-related information, including advice about food safety and safe food handling. However, information shared among consumers and their peers online may not be accurate or trustworthy. This presentation will discuss a recent study that evaluated the accuracy and reliability of safe food handling advice identified on four popular online question-and-answer websites. The implications for educators, researchers, and decision-makers will be discussed.

SNEB Nutrition Educator Competency: Food Science

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About the Presenters

 Ian Young, PhD, BASc, CPHI(C), Ryerson University

Education Benefits

Participants of this webinar will receive 1 CEU for live attendance. The webinar provides information on the following:

SNEB Nutrition Educator Competencies

  • 3.3. Describe the potential sources of food contamination and the best practices associated with the safe handling of food.
  • 9.2     Facilitate communication from and between clients so they can express their beliefs and attitudes, define needs, and share experiences.
  • 10.1     Analyze, evaluate, and interpret nutrition education research and apply it to practice.

CDR Performance Indicators

  • 8.1.2 Applies knowledge of food and nutrition as well as the biological, physical and social sciences in practice.
  • 9.4.1 Assesses current knowledge and skills of the individual, group, community and population.
  • 12.4.3 Utilizes appropriate behavioral change theories, social marketing, behavior economics and communication strategies in the delivery of nutrition programs.

CDR Learning Need Codes

  • 2080 Microbiology, food toxicology
  • 6030 Education theories and techniques for adults
  • 8040 Food safety, HACCP, and sanitation


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