Journal Club 1: Feasibility of Online Nutrition Education in the Workplace: Working Toward Healthy Lifestyles

Recorded 9/9/2019

About the Webinar

Methods and results from the Working Toward Healthy Lifestyles Study will be presented with a specific focus on the technology aspects of the intervention. The aspects will include the online delivery of nutrition education, use of a private Facebook group, web survey, Veggie Meter (skin carotenoids), and body composition analysis. The feasibility of administering online nutrition education in the federal workplace also will be discussed.

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About the Presenter

Jessica Thomson, PhD, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Jessica Thomson is a research epidemiologist/biostatistician working for the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Her program, Delta Human Nutrition Research, focuses on determining dietary factors and patterns associated with childhood and adult obesity. More information about Dr. Thomson and the Delta Human Nutrition Research Program can be found at the following


Education Benefits

The webinar provides information on the following:

SNEB Nutrition Educator Competencies
Nutrition Education Program Design Implementation and Evaluation
Nutrition Education and Research Methods
Written Oral and Social Media Communication

CDR Performance Indicators
4.1.5, 12.3.1, 12.3.7

CDR Learning Need Codes
3030, 6010, 5370