SNEB Journal Club 6: NEEDs for Tots: A Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding Focused Early Childhood Education Curriculum

(Recorded 11/6/17)

Speaker: Elizabeth H. Ruder, PhD, MPH, RD, Rochester Institute of Technology 

NEEDs for Tots: A Teacher-Ready and Parent-Friendly Curriculum Focuses on Principles of the Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding 

Authoritative parental feeding behavior is defined by parent leadership with feeding balanced by child autonomy with eating. This feeding style is associated with more healthful child eating behaviors and child weight status. Among young children, controlling, restrictive, and indulgent feeding practices are positively associated with child weight status. The Satter Division of Responsibility in feeding (sDOR) is 1 approach to support feeding relationships congruent with healthy growth and development. 

Learning Objectives: 
1. Describe the NEEDs for Tots early childhood education curriculum. 
2. Describe the Satter Division of Responsibility (sDOR) in Feeding. 
3. Discuss the sDOR.2-6y as an instrument to evaluate caregiver adherence to the sDOR in Feeding. 

Liz Ruder, PhD, MPH, RDN is an Assistant Professor at the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Dr. Ruder’s research interests are in community nutrition, eating behavior, and cancer prevention.