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Journal Club Webinar Series

Announcing the Spring 2017 Journal Club

This is the ninth semester that JNEB is holding a Journal Club.  Based on member interest, the spring series will focus on Policies, Systems, and Environmental Change Initiatives/Programs to Improve Health. The series begins February 6 and will be held each Monday at 12 noon ET.

The webinars will host nutrition education and behavior experts who will share their research and experiences focused on improving population health and wellness outcomes using policy, system and/or environmental change approaches.  These informative educational workshops will provide valuable learning opportunities for participants to understand the latest hot topics in the nutrition and health field. Attendees can also receive CPEs by attending these educational webinars.

Register for each webinar here.

SNEB members, request registration for all 10 sessions by email.  

February 6: “Preferred Healthy Food Nudges, Food Store Environments, and Customer Dietary Practices in 2 Low-Income Southern Communities,” by Stephanie B. Jilcott Pitts, PhD, East Carolina University.

February 13: “Measures of Retail Food Store Environments and Sales: Review and Implications for Healthy Eating Initiatives,” Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH, University of Pennsylvania.

February 27: “Framework to Assess Community Nutritionists’ Use of Environmental Strategies to Prevent Obesity,” Angela H. Lu, PhD, RD, Cornell University.

March 6: “From Policy to Practice-Implementation of Water Policies in Child Care Center in Connecticut,” by Ann E. Middleton, MPH and Kathryn E. Henderson, PhD, Yale University.

March 20: “Mealtime Structure and Responsive Feeding Practices are Associated with Less Fussiness and More Enjoyment,” by Elena Jansen, PhD, Queensland University of Technology.

March 27: “What Does Evidence-based Mean for Nutrition Educators?,” by Jamie S. Dollahite, PhD, Cornell University.

April 3: “Assessing the Environment for Support of Youth Physical Activity in Rural Communities,” by Kendra Kattelmann, PhD, RD, South Dakota State University and Christopher Comstock, MS, RD, South Dakota State University.

April 10: “An Ecological Approach to Exploring Rural Food Access and Active Living for Families With Preschoolers,” by Abby Gold, PhD, MPH, RD, North Dakota State University.

April 24: “Experiential Cooking and Nutrition Education Program Increases Cooking Self-Efficacy, Vegetable Consumption,” by Neile K. Edens, PhD, Common Thread.

May 1: “Influence of Teachers’ Health Behaviors on Operationalizing Obesity Prevention Policy in Head Start,” by Monica Kazlausky Esquivel, PhD, RDN, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.


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