Journal Club Webinar Series

Announcing the Fall 2016 Journal Club

This is the eighth in a series that JNEB is holding a Journal Club.  Based on member interest, the fall series will focus on the topic of Health behaviors across the lifespan: Education, theory, and policy. The series is anticipated to begin September 12 and be held each Monday at 12 noon ET.

The webinars will host nutrition education and health behavior experts who will share their research that uses education, theory and/or a policy approaches focused on improving the health of individuals across the lifespan.  These informative educational workshops will provide valuable learning opportunities for participants to learn the latest hot topics in the nutrition and health field.  Participants can also receive CPEs by attending these educational webinars.


2016 Spring Semester | Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of Behavioral Nutrition Interventions (10 sessions)

2015 Fall Semester  | Survey Design and Validation in Nutrition Education and Behavior Research (8 sessions)

2015 Spring Semester | Statistical Methodology in Nutrition Education Research (12 sessions)

2014 Fall Semester  | Nutrition Environments and Shaping Behavior (12 sessions)

2014 Spring Semester  | Media, Marketing and Labels (10 sessions)

2013 Fall Semester  | Schools and Nutrition: Environment, Interventions and Policy (11 sessions)

2013 Spring Semester  | Childhood Obesity (10 sessions)