Exhibitors and Sponsors

SNEB Virtual Annual Conference Resource Marketplace

Are you interested in connecting with SNEB’s 1,000 nutrition educator members and the 850 attendees we anticipate at the virtual annual conference? SNEB will be creating the Resource Marketplace, an online web page for organizations to share videos, links, and contact information.

Being a part of the Resource Marketplace includes:

  • SNEB staff to build a web page for you that can include images, videos, links, text and contact information.
  • Resource Marketplace exhibitors will be featured in an email message to conference attendees and all SNEB members.
  • Resource Marketplace information will be included in pre- and post event conference registration material to attendees.
  • SNEB staff will share each exhibitor’s Resource Marketplace web page on SNEB social media before, during and after the conference.
  • Exhibitor encouraged to submit an educational blog post for the SNEB website
  • During the event the Resource Marketplace will be prominently featured in the virtual event lobby encouraging attendees to visit your information page.
  • Resource Marketplace link will stay live for six months on the conference follow up page.

Resource Marketplace Exhibit Pricing*:

  • Members: $450
  • Non-profit/Government: $500
  • Non-members: $650

*Interested in attending the virtual annual conference? Exhibitors receive a 15% discount on event registration.

Reserve your Resource Marketplace listing online by clicking “Register” in the top right-hand corner of the conference event page. Scroll to the Virtual Resource Marketplace options. After payment is made you’ll be contacted by SNEB staff and provided a link to provide your page text, video, images, and downloads.

If you have questions please contact Rachel Daeger at rdaeger@sneb.org or 317-328-4627.