Vegetarian Trends

Posted by: Ellen Schuster, BA, MS on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Vegetarian Trends

Article originally appears in the March 29 issue of the SNEB eCommunicator.

If you think you are seeing more vegetarian/plant-based options everywhere, here’s more about this trend..


**These veg trends are going mainstream - Mintel research says that 30% of U.S. adults eat meatless at least once a week. And restaurants are paying attention...a pea protein-based burger @ TGIF, spiralized veggie pasta @ Olive Garden, cauliflower pizza crust @ California Pizza Kitchen, broth bowl w/ edamame @ Panera.

**Going vegan to be biggest food trend for 2018 - If you think you’re seeing ‘plant-based’ more online, you’re right. And one data company said searches for plant-based tripled from 2016 to 2017 during March to July. And one company says those identifying as vegan increased 500% since 2014 (6% in the U.S.).

**Detailed reports about vegetarians, vegans including infographics (Faunalytics)

**Vegetarianism in the U.S. (infographic)

**Vegetarian statistics (U.S.) - demographic breakdown of vegetarians and top vegetarian cities

**Vegetarian statistics globally - U.S. isn’t the only country going vegetarian...the U.K. has seen a 350% increase in those identifying as vegans when compared to a decade ago and veganism was a top Canadian 2017 search trend.


**Top 5 dining trends - There’s been a 90% increase in Google searches this past year, in some countries McD’s has a veggie burger and it’s likely that others will join Ben and Jerry’s to offer vegetarian frozen desserts - 3 flavors Ben and Jerry’s available @ and Häagen-Dazs has 4 flavors @

**Fast casual trends - Taco Bell has a menu of vegetarian options and was the first quick-service restaurant to be certified by the American Vegetarian Association. It has 13 AVA-certified menu items and 35 AVA-certified ingredients — 26 are vegan.


**8 major grocery chains that carry tons of plant-based meats including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, Costco, WalMart and others.

**How supermarkets can adapt to increases in veganism and vegetarianism - 3.7% identified as vegan/vegetarian in 2008 but PEW says this has almost tripled to 9% in 2016. Supermarkets can adapt to this by offering more kinds of produce, offer vegetarian meals if they have a meal delivery service and offer veggie options in ‘grab ‘n go’ departments.

**The legume-based pasta primer - pasta is one food that is increasingly made with non-flour ingredients


**Plant-based meal delivery services - Sun Basket (vegetarian options), GreenChef (vegan/vegetarian), Home Chef (vegetarian) and Veestro (plant-based) are a few available.


**Food trends (archives) from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Food and Nutrition magazine - many articles are vegetarian-focused

**Vegetarian recipes and articles about vegetarianism from AND’s Food and Nutrition magazine

**Best 2017 vegan apps (reviewed by RDNs)

**Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru reviews new products and covers food trends

**Vegetarian Dietetic Practice Group, AND