USDA’s Smart Snacks Standards

What they are, When they kick in, and How you play a role

This webinar, recorded April 16, 2014, will provide participants an overview of USDA’s updated Smart Snacks regulation including a discussion about the updated standards, timeline for implementation, and available resources to help schools implement the changes, including the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks calculator.  In addition, a brief overview of the recently proposed Local Wellness Policy regulation as well as Community Eligibility Program will be provided.  Participants will also learn how they can be involved in helping schools, parents and students welcome these important changes.

Moderator: Tracy Fox, MPH, RD, President, Food, Nutrition & Policy Consultants, LLC, Chair, SNEB Advisory Committee on Public Policy
Speakers: Deborah Nigri, Nutritionist, Child Nutrition Programs, USDA - Food and Nutrition Service; Laura Cunliffe, Policy Analyst, Child Nutrition Programs, USDA - Food and Nutrition Service; Jessica Donze Black RD, MPH, Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project



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