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Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum (Level 2)

Image courtesy of:
USDA FNS Team Nutrition
Producer:USDA FNS Team Nutrition
Date Produced:September 2012
  • CD-ROM
  • Booklet
  • Game
  • Poster
  • Curriculum
  • Newsletter
  • Elementary School (6-8 yrs)
  • Middle School (9-12 yrs)
  • Physical Activity
  • Meal Planning
  • Portion Sizes
  • Healthy Eating Tips
  • Grains/Whole Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dairy
  • Protein
  • Fats and Oils
  • Carbohydrates
  • Calories
Description:Serving Up MyPlate is a new collection of classroom materials that helps elementary school teachers integrate nutrition education into Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Health. This yummy curriculum introduces the importance of eating from all five food groups using the MyPlate icon and a variety of hands–on activities. Students also learn the importance of physical activity to staying healthy. Curriculum components: (1) Teacher’s Guides: Each Teacher's Guide has three inquiry-driven lessons that help children discover nutrition, explain their understandings, and reflect upon their experiences - all of which encourage a lasting awareness of what it means to be healthy. Level 1 (Grades 1 and 2), Level 2 (Grades 3 and 4), and Level 3 (Grades 5 and 6; linked below) Print Availability: Elementary schools participating in the National School Lunch Program or other Child Nutrition program may order a free print copy of the Teacher’s Guides. (2) Original Songs: Each level includes activities using original songs that help students learn about healthy choices in an engaging and memorable way. Lyrics are included in each of the Teacher's Guides. Alive with 5 Food Groups (for Levels 1 and 2), Do/Be (for all levels), Do Your Body Right (for Level 3) CD Availability: A CD of the songs is included in each printed Teacher’s Guide. (3) Poster: This two-sided poster ( 36"x24") shows the MyPlate icon and foods in the five food groups. A blank MyPlate on the reverse can be used as a tool to assess students' understanding. Eat Smart to Play Hard with MyPlate Poster Print Availability: Elementary schools participating in the National School Lunch Program or other Child Nutrition program may order a free print copy of the poster. (4) Mini Poster: This two-sided mini poster (8-1/2"x11") shows the Myplate icon on one side and foods in the five food groups on the reverse. Eat Smart to Play Hard with Myplate Mini-Poster, and Alimentate bien para jugar con ganas (Spanish) Print Availability: Elementary schools participating in the National School Lunch Program or other Child Nutrition program may order free print copies of the English and Spanish mini-posters in packages of 35. (5) Parent Handout: This colorful handout (4-page booklet) for parents reinforces the class lessons at home. It's available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and French. MyPlate at Home, MiPlato en casa (Spanish), MyPlate at Home (Traditional Chinese), and Mon assiette ŕ la maison (French) Print Availability: The printed Teacher’s Guides come with a package of 35 MyPlate at Home handouts in English and a single copy of MyPlate at Home in Spanish. Elementary schools participating in the National School Lunch Program or other Child Nutrition program may order additional free print copies of the parent handout in English (packages of 35), Spanish (packages of 35), Chinese and/or French. (6) Additional Games and Resources (Extra Helpings): Each lesson includes ideas on how to extend the learning beyond the lesson. Blast Off! Game, Track & Field Fuel-Up Challenge Game, and Nutrition Facts Labels are all available in Level 3. CD Availability: A CD of the Blast Off! game is included in the printed Teacher’s Guide for Level 3. The Track & Field Game is only available online.
Language:Portions of the resource are available in Spanish, Chinese, or French
Ordering Info:Visit the Team Nutrition website at the link below to access the material in PDF or to order (for eligible schools and child care settings).
Web Site:http://www.fns.usda.gov/tn/serving-myplate-yummy-curriculum


A. Use of MyPlate/MyPlate or the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Material based substantially on MyPlate or 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
B. Scope
Scope of information appropriate for target audience and essential topics discussed in appropriate detail.
C. Purpose
Purpose of material clearly stated in title or introduction.
D. Organization
Material well-organized and major points presented clearly.
E. Accuracy
Information is accurate and recommendations current with content of MyPlate and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
F. Learner Background
Material does not assume that reader has background information.
G. Learning Objectives
Learning objectives identifiable and met.
H. Learning Activities, Projects, or Interactive Learning Tools
Material includes a variety of stimulating and interesting learning experiences, questions, projects, or suggestions for further action that will involve the reader.

Black and white worksheets to use in class, color handouts to send home to reiterate key points for family use, poster is two-sided for class use.
I. Objectivity/Sponsor Bias
Subject matter presented objectively and fairly. No brand name promotion or obvious sponsor bias.
J. Inclusion of learning objectives, learner activities, instructional aids, lesson plans, evaluation component, identification of required instructional materials, web site with additional materials.
Material includes five or more of the above.
K. Recipes (if included)
No recipes are included.
L. Recipes (if included)
No recipes are included.
M. Instructional Resources
Instructor resources included with suggestions for enhancing the teaching process. Suggestions for follow-up learning activities/discussion questions included.

Teacher guide includes black and white copies.
N. Credits, References and Resources (Including dates, publisher, etc.)
Current and complete credits, references, and resources listed.
O. Summary
All major ideas summarized or reviewed to reinforce key concepts; summaries easily identified.

A. Role Models
Positive role models are provided in text and illustrations. Role models presented as having many roles, traits, and emotions.
B. Multi-cultural Representation
Racial, ethnic, and religious groups are represented in a factual manner showing a variety of roles, occupations, and values.
C. Different lifestyles and food patterns
Material emphasizes a variety of values, practices, and/or food patterns representative of different lifestyles, cultures, and socioeconomic levels.

Shows vegetarian, Hispanic, Asian foods. Very good representation.

Print Materials
A. Writing Style
Main ideas are clear and flow smoothly.
B. Writing Approach
Writing approach is positive and personal. Active voice is used most of the time.
C. Vocabulary
Excessive use of unfamiliar words or undefined technical terms.

Reading level varied on one black and white handout from grade 6.8 to grade 11. With 4 difficult words for that grade range.
D. Supportive Illustrations
All of the illustrations contribute to the material and are on the same page as their textual references. Tables and graphs are as simple and easy to read as possible. All information needed in graphs and tables is provided in a form requiring no further explanation.
E. Layout and Design
Color, design, and layout of material are attractive, and stimulate interest, without being too busy. There is good balance between print and blank space.
F. Visual Quality
G. Headings/Cueing Devices
Clear headings are provided for each topic area. Cueing devices (shading, boxes, arrows, etc.) are used to direct attention to key points.
H. Approximate Reading Level
Reading level is at 6th, 7th or 8th grade level.

This material is intended for 3rd and 4th graders . Key sample line used from 3rd course reproducible 1: “ You will be conducting two experiments with fats and added sugars. You will be using the scientific method to answer the questions in these activities.” Reading level for the keyed sample used: Dale-Chall grade level: 6.8, FORCAST grade level: 11.0, SMOG: 10.7, Fry Graph: 10.0, FOG: 11.4, Flesh grade level: 8.6, Powers: 6.2.

Audiovisual Materials

A. Concept Presentation
Audio and/or visuals are mutually supportive to presentation of concepts.
B. Pace

Not applicable, audio only.
C. Auditory Quality
Speaker, voice and music are clear; sound is audible and has good quality.
D. Visual Quality

Not applicable, because copies are printed off from CD-ROM that comes with the curriculum.
E. Continuity

Not applicable

Overall Comments on Resource Reviewed

A. Positive Points of the Reviewed Resource:
Colorful, multicultural, well rounded in both ideas of fitness and food consumption.
B. Points that Could Be Improved:
(1) Class materials are at reading level too high for 3rd and 4th graders. (2) Spanish speakers/readers should be directed to the http://www.choosemyplate.gov/en-espanol.html website, the link they go to now they have to “find” the en espanol link to re-direct them to the link listed above. (3) Flyer in spanish, has picture of man getting fresh green beans , with sign in English, the Spanish flyer should have the gentleman getting green beans written in Spanish.
C. General Comments
CD of music available in Chinese, French, Spanish and English. All materials on USDA website for free to use, or they will mail a kit to you if you meet their criteria.
D. Overall Summary
(1) Review of teacher’s booklet: easy to follow instructions, for each activity. Shows standards so teacher can feel good about taking class time to teach this material. (2) Review of poster: good size poster for class use, colorful! ˝ my plate and ˝ what food is in what group. Other side is in black and white for class activity. (3) Review of home flyer: English brochure is fine, Spanish brochure issue listed above in points that can be improved. (4) The review of class materials is above in comments. (5) Review of music CD: Three songs included: Alive with 5, a dance music song for grades 1 & 2 that explains what the 5 food groups are and what they do. Do/Be, that speaks to switching to new healthier foods and that foods contain nutrients that the body uses, all age groups. And the third song is Do Your Body Right, about choices we make and what to choose, for older students.

Reviewer Rating
Any opinions expressed about any resource in this web site (either expressly or implied) are solely and completely the responsibility of the reviewer and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Highly Recommended

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