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Review of:

MyPlate Sing-Along Song CD

Image courtesy of:
Child Safety Solutions, Inc. & Slim Goodbody Corp.
Producer:Child Safety Solutions, Inc. & Slim Goodbody Corp.
Date Produced:June 2012
  • CD-ROM
  • Early Childhood (2-5 yrs)
  • Elementary School (6-8 yrs)
  • General Nutrition
  • MyPlate/DGA Training
  • Grains/Whole Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dairy
  • Protein
Description:Sing and dance to eight MyPlate songs that promote good nutrition and health. These lively tunes are the perfect complement to the MyPlate Curriculum Kits. Created by Slim Goodbody; offered by Child Safety Solutions. Lyrics are included. Approximately 10 minutes.
Ordering Info:1-877-669-7233, ext. 205
Web Site:http://www.imsafe.com/product/11-4035-myplate-sing-along-song-cd


A. Use of MyPlate/MyPlate or the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Material based substantially on MyPlate or 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
B. Scope
Scope of information appropriate for target audience and essential topics discussed in appropriate detail.
C. Purpose
No purpose stated in title or introduction.
D. Organization
Material well-organized and major points presented clearly.
E. Accuracy
Information is accurate and recommendations current with content of MyPlate and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
F. Learner Background
Material does not assume that reader has background information.
G. Learning Objectives
Not applicable.
H. Learning Activities, Projects, or Interactive Learning Tools
Not applicable.
I. Objectivity/Sponsor Bias
Subject matter presented objectively and fairly. No brand name promotion or obvious sponsor bias.
J. Inclusion of learning objectives, learner activities, instructional aids, lesson plans, evaluation component, identification of required instructional materials, web site with additional materials.
Not applicable.
K. Recipes (if included)
No recipes are included.
L. Recipes (if included)
No recipes are included.
M. Instructional Resources
Instructor resources not needed for this material.

Printed song lyrics included.
N. Credits, References and Resources (Including dates, publisher, etc.)
Current and complete credits, references, and resources listed.
O. Summary
No summary or review is included.

Print Materials
A. Writing Style
B. Writing Approach
C. Vocabulary
D. Supportive Illustrations
E. Layout and Design
F. Visual Quality
G. Headings/Cueing Devices
H. Approximate Reading Level
Reading level is at or below 5th grade level for low-literacy materials. Assessment method provided.

No formal assessment of reading level conducted. Music and lyrics appropriate for youth audience.

Audiovisual Materials

A. Concept Presentation
Audio and/or visuals are mutually supportive to presentation of concepts.

Audio only.
B. Pace
Presentation progresses at a pace that permits comprehension. Pacing of dialogue is appropriate for absorbing concepts presented. Blank time is provided.

Audio only.
C. Auditory Quality
Speaker, voice and music are clear; sound is audible; may be a few distracting audio effects or inconsistent quality.
D. Visual Quality
Visuals are clear and properly framed; graphics and titles are clearly visible; color, lighting, and editing enhance presentation of content.

Very limited visual as appropriate for music CD.
E. Continuity
Continuity provides cohesiveness and smooth flow. Visuals in logical order. Auditory portion precisely matched with visual portion.

Very limited visual as appropriate for music CD.

Overall Comments on Resource Reviewed

A. Positive Points of the Reviewed Resource:
Most songs are short in duration, which is appropriate for young children’s attention spans and allows more flexibility in how a teacher could use the CD in choosing one or more tracks, depending on the time available and activities planned. Fun and silly lyrics will appeal to both children and adults.
B. Points that Could Be Improved:
Some suggested complementary physical/movement activities would be useful.
C. General Comments
Most songs are the same as those in the companion video/DVD and could be played for reinforcement of video material or simply be used independent of companion materials.
D. Overall Summary
Clever songs teach food groups and build food vocabulary and familiarity while learning through music.

Reviewer Rating
Any opinions expressed about any resource in this web site (either expressly or implied) are solely and completely the responsibility of the reviewer and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Highly Recommended

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