SNE 2012SNEB Annual Conference
Call for Abstracts
- Formats and Types



Research papers centered on common topics will be selected for group oral presentation, each about 10 minutes. Oral format is only available to research abstracts and only to submissions made by the January 20, 2014 deadline.

Poster presentations allow presenters to discuss their program or research with interested colleagues in an informal setting. All submissions between January 21 and late breaking deadline of February 28 will be considered for poster presentations.


Research: Appropriate submissions include original research related to nutrition, nutrition education and nutrition behavior.  The abstract submission form includes the following subheadings.


Study Design, Setting, Participants, Intervention (if applicable)

Outcome Measures and Analysis


Conclusions and Implications

Abstract Review Criteria


Programs: Appropriate submissions include programs, teaching and research tools, games, models, educational materials, teaching techniques and networking ideas.  The abstract submission form includes the following subheadings.


Theory, Prior Research, Rationale

Target Audience



Conclusions and Implications

Program Abstract Review Criteria


Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Tips for Writing Abstracts


If you have any questions, please contact the SNEB offices at 800-235-6690 or send an email to

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