WebinarSNEB Webinar Proposal Process

Below is an outline of the goals, process and guidelines for the SNEB Webinar Program. This document provides information you will need to submit a webinar proposal and answer questions you may have about scheduling, logistics and pricing. If you need additional information, please calling the SNEB office or sending an email to info@sneb.org. Download a webinar proposal form and speaker permission form.


Goals of SNEB webinars

Professional development opportunity to benefit SNEB members including members who may not be able to attend the annual conference

Vehicle to attract new members

Increase visibility of SNEB with students and other audiences


Suggested schedule

There is no limit on the number of webinars that could be offered

Spacing of webinars throughout the year will depend on the number of webinars planned, For example, if two Divisions would like webinars in the spring, they might be scheduled two months apart

Please plan on eight weeks for SNEB Board approval of webinar and for marketing to membership.

Webinar process

Contact the SNEB office to propose a webinar to discuss potential timing and determine whether there may be conflicts with other proposed webinars

Complete a webinar proposal form and submits it to the SNEB office

SNEB board votes on approval of proposed webinar

SNEB staff submits proposal to CDR for CPE accreditation

Work with SNEB staff to implement and evaluate webinar. Webinar sponsor may add a few questions to the standard evaluation used

Obtain appropriate permissions from presenters (form provided by SNEB staff)

SNEB staff markets webinar to SNEB members at least four weeks prior to webinar broadcast

SNEB members are encouraged to forward webinar announcement on to others who might be interested in participating in the webinar

SNEB staff conducts a pre-webinar check with presenter to reduce the chances of technical problems during the presentation

Certificates of completion are provided to attendees upon request

Webinars are recorded and archived on the SNEB website. They are password protected so only SNEB members can view without paying to access. These archives can be accessed at no charge for members and at a charge for nonmembers

Webinar guidelines

Recommended length is 60 to 90 minutes, with 60 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for questions

Make handouts or other resources available to webinar attendees at least a few days in advance of the webinar

Encourage presenters to keep “presentation best practices” in mind. Examples of these best practices are easy to read slides with limited words and not just reading the slide


Webinar must be at least cost neutral for SNEB. In order to recover costs (e.g. speaker fees, toll-free telephone lines, webinar service provider fees) it may be necessary to charge a fee to participate in the webinar

Webinars may be profitable

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