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Spring 2016 Journal Club  
Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of Behavioral Nutrition Interventions

This is the seventh in a series that JNEB is holding a Journal Club.  Based on member interest, the spring series will focus on the topic of Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of Behavioral Nutrition Interventions.   


2/1/2016 Mateja Savoie-Roskos, MPH, RD, Utah State University Extension
Reducing Food Insecurity and Improving Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Farmers' Market Incentive Program Participants (Read)
2/8/2016 Nicholas L. Holt, PhD; Geoff Ball, PhD, RD, University of Alberta
Families' Perceptions of and Experiences Related to a Pediatric Weight Management Intervention: A Qualitative Study (Read)
2/15/2016 Debbe Thompson, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
Rationale, Design, and Methods for Process Evaluation in the Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Project (Read)
2/22/2016 Nina Nevanpera, MSc, RD, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Effects of Group Counseling Transmitted Through Videoconferencing on Changes in Eating Behaviors (Read)
2/29/2016 Rachel Dannefer, MPH, MIA; Elizabeth Solomon, MS, RD, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a SNAP-Ed Farmers’ Market-Based Nutrition Education Program (Read)
3/7/2016 Marie-Christine Turin, MD, University Hospital of Toulouse
Effect of Nutritional Intervention on Food Choices of French Students in Middle School Cafeterias, Using an Interactive Educational Software Program (Nutri-Advice) (Read)
3/21/2016 Martin H. Smith, MS, EdD;  Jessica Linnell, PhD, University of California
Using a Systematic Approach and Theoretical Framework to Design a Curriculum for the Shaping Healthy Choices Program (Read)
4/4/2016 Jamie N. Davis, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
LA Sprouts: A 12-Week Gardening, Nutrition, and Cooking Randomized Control Trial Improves Determinants of Dietary Behaviors (Read)
Barbara Lohse, PhD, RD, Pennsylvania State University
About Eating: An Online Program With Evidence of Increased Food Resource Management Skills for Low-Income Women (Read)
Kathleen Porter, PhD, RD, Virginia Tech
Using Teach-Back to Understand Participant Behavioral Self-Monitoring Skills Across Health Literacy Level and Behavioral Condition (Read)


The webinars will host nutrition education and behavior experts who will share their experiences with successfully designing and implementing nutrition education interventions.  These educational workshops will provide valuable learning opportunities for participants wishing to expand their knowledge base and learn the right tools needed for building a successful behavioral nutrition intervention.  Participants can also receive CPEs by attending these educational webinars.

These one-hour webinars, conducted at 12 p.m. EDT on Mondays.
Remember that SNEB members attend webinars free as a benefit of membership and can access recorded sessions free at any time. If you would like to be registered for the entire spring webinar series, email rdaeger@sneb.org

For more information please contact the SNEB office at info@sneb.org or call 317-328-4627.




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SNEB member can view recorded webinars for no cost as a benefit of membership at http://www.sneb.org/members/recordings.html. Non-members wishing to purchase a recording will be charged $25 per webinar. Email info@sneb.org with the Journal Club session numbers you wish to purchase.


Download the SNEB webinar archive index with all Journal Club semesters included. This is an interactive pdf file.

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