Special thanks to Marion Viglietta, UMD Dietetic Intern, for the following blog post originally published on the SNEB Communications Division blog “Communicate Nutrition”

Do you ever wish you could store all of your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets online and give up using a flash drive?  Ever collaborate on a project with co-workers and think all of the emailing back and forth tends to be cumbersome?  Well,Zoho Cloud Office Suite could be your answer!  A “cloud” server allows users to upload documents online, and access them on any computer with an internet connection.  Zoho is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite, making it easy to upload and convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into Writer, Sheet, and Show documents.  Or, if you’d rather create a document online, it’s just as easy in Zoho as it is using the office suite on your home computer.  Zoho allows users to share and collaborate on files with anyone in their Zoho “group,” (people with a shared account), or even with the public.

Not only does Zoho allow for online storage, it also provides apps like Chat, Calendar, and Mail to promote productivity and efficiency among your work group.  Zoho can be used for personal use, or can be used by small businesses to manage finances, create reports, or even track Human Resources needs online.  (Zoho is free for personal use, but pricing for business needs varies depending on the number of users on an account or the applications desired.)  Zoho offers a clean and simple interface, and it even has a compatibility mode with Google, which allows you to sync all of your apps, contacts, and documents with their service.

Zoho offers a new platform to collaborate with coworkers and group members in the field of dietetics.  RDs or nutrition educators could create Zoho accounts and work together towards a common goal, whether it’s creating a new handout for National Nutrition Month or starting a new private practice.  The applications and services Zoho offers are well worth the time needed to create an account and get started!  (Sifting through the choices to determine which applications best suit your needs may take some time, but the benefits outweigh the effort!)  In such a dynamic field of practice, isn’t it time to be as efficient as possible in your work?  Zoho could set the stage as a new form of communication and collaboration within businesses and organizations.

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