Listening Session on National Nutrition Education Standards
Monday, August 12 | 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Speakers: Karla Shelnutt, PhD, RD, University of Florida; Karen Chapman-Novakofski, PhD, RD, LD, University of Illinois; Helen Chipman, PhD, RD, USDA NIFA; Marilyn Townsend, PhD, RD, University of California-Davis

This session will provide participants with an overview of the National Nutrition Education and Activity Standards USDA/FNS funded IOM March 2013 Washington D.C. workshop discussions. The panel will discuss the merits and potential uses for a set of National Nutrition Education and Physical Activity Standards for K-12. Panelist include several SNEB members who are on the IOM planning committee and workshop agenda including Dr. Karla Shelnutt, Dr. Karen Chapman-Novakofski, Dr. Marilyn Townsend, and Dr. Helen Chipman. Discussion topics will include a summary of the Washington D.C. IOM workshop, examples from associated programs, and potential future developments on National Nutrition Education and Activity Standards.

Questions for discussion:

  1. What are your thoughts regarding National Nutrition Education Standards?
  2. What are the most important skills, tools and knowledge for children to learn to support healthful diets?
  3. How adequate are the current nutrition education related materials available to teachers in the K-12 setting in addressing these areas?
  4. Do teachers and administrators have the adequate training necessary to provide classroom instruction in the areas of nutrition education and/or nutrition education integration into core-curriculum courses?
  5. What models, benchmarks, or promising practices should be used in developing the standards?
  6. What challenges could impact development and implementation of national nutrition education standards?
  7. What forces or barriers should be considered in developing these standards?
  8. How do age, gender, culture, community and ethnicity need to be factored into the standards?
  9. How will the standards be used?
  10. Who will be a champion for the development and use of the standards?
  11. What are the potential positive outcomes resulting from the implementation of nutrition education standards in core-curriculum courses?

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